Alcyona Mick

Jazz pianist and Composer

Alcy B&W.jpeg

Upcoming Shows 2019

Tori Freestone/Alcyona Mick Duo @ Morley College Jazz series. London. 8pm. 25th January

Dave Mossman 24 hr tribute - Orchestra Mahatma @ Vortex Jazz Club, London. 2pm. 26th January

London Jazz Orchestra @ Vortex Jazz Club, London. 3.30pm. 10th February

John Warren Nonet @ Vortex Jazz club, London. 8.30pm. 21st February

Miriam Ast quartet @ Ronnie Scotts Jazz club, London. 7pm. 25th February

Tori Freestone/Brigitte Beraha/Alcyona Mick @ International Women’s day festival, Luxembourg. 11.30am. 10th March

Natacha Atlas @ Theatre de Beausobre, Switzerland. 8pm. 12th March

Natacha Atlas @ Centre Culturel Gerard Philipe, Calais, France. 8pm. 22nd March

Steinway festival - duo with Ivo Neame @ Pizza Express jazz club, Dean Street, London. 12pm. 24th March

Natacha Atlas @ St Mary’s Music Hall, London. 8pm. 10th May

Natacha Atlas @ Blackheath, London. 8pm. 11th May

Tori freestone/Brigitte Beraha/Alcyona Mick @ Manchester Jazz Festival,. St Ann’s church. 1pm. 24th May


Natacha Atlas @ Pizza Express Live Holborn EFG London Jazz Festival. 17th November

Eddie Parker Debussy Mirrored Ensemble @ Purcell Room, EFG London Jazz Festival. 20th November

Noel Langley Edentide Ensemble @ Vortex Jazz club, EFG London Jazz Festival. 22nd November