Alcyona Mick

Jazz pianist and Composer


Samy and Alcyona started deconstructing the piano in the summer of 2016 in Herret, France. This is an electronica project using pieces of recorded piano and other noises coming from inside the piano which are being sonically mangled and spat out again, some to sweet effect and others to not so sweet effect.  With a combination of Samy's programming experience working with Digitonal and producing albums for Natacha Atlas, and Alcyona's experience of writing and programming for films and pianistic skills, this is an interesting platform for experimentation.


Samy Bishai is an Anglo-Egyptian violinist who grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and has worked with a large variety of musicians including Seckou Keita, Carleen Anderson, Natacha Atlas, Nitin Sawhney, Brian Eno, Basement Jaxx, Zoe Rahman, the English National Opera, Shakira etc.  He has written and produced three albums with Natacha Atlas: 'Expressions - Live in Toulouse' 2012, 'Les Nuits' 2013, 'Mounqaliba' 2009 and co written and produced albums with experimental electronica duo 'Digitonal'. 


They are preparing for an album release this year...