Alcyona Mick

Jazz pianist and Composer

Alcyona started writing and performing live to silent cinema in 2008.  Among the silent films she has written and performed live to are; 'Sunrise' (Murnau) commissioned by 7inch cinema, 'Easy Street' (chaplin) and Manray's 'Emak Bakia' commissioned by Swaledale festival, 'The Vagabond queen' (Betty Balfour) for Birds eye view Film festival, and 'Entr'acte', 'Manhatten' and 'Rain' for 7inch Cinema.

She gained a Master's degree in 2011 writing music for film at the National Film and Television school.

Here are some of the films she has worked on:



'Bertie Crisp'

directed by Francesca Adams 2010

winner of audience award, British Animation awards




directed by Corinne Ladeinde

winner of best film score, Anima Mundi Festival, Brazil.



'Letter to my Dad'

directed by Srdjan Keca

Winner best Balkan documentary, best Serbian documentary 2012



'Ghost Empire - Singapore', and 'Cyprus' 

both films directed by Susan Thomson 2013 and 2014

Award for best feature, Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival



'This film was meant to be about Stokely Carmichael'  

directed by Isis Thompson 2010

released on DVD alongside 'The Blackpower Mixtape'



'Letters from Palestine'

directed by Ludovica Fales 2010



'The Real Social Network'

directed by Ludo Fales, Isis Thompson, Srdjan Keca, Quark Films 2011

co-composed with Jon Wygens